To achieve the “look of satisfaction” for your lawn, you can be assured we have the right selection for you.

We offer both electric lawnmowers, for a small terrace garden, to petrol lawnmowers for larger lawns. The Rolux machines are perfectly suited for townhouse complexes, plot owners and garden services alike.

The Original Just Got Better

Rolux means quality, reliability and affordability. The distinct orange and black branding, quality features, documented by a number of quality seals and successes in comparison tests, ensure high trust levels with consumers.

Manufactured by us, in South Africa, ensures products that are designed for the toughest of African conditions. The foundations for a great lawn

Tough. Rugged. Built for Africa

We have set out to improve on the Rolux Magnum even further –
The best just got better.

We have improved the machine by providing high quality steel ball bearings, an ultra-strong reinforced grassbox and a metal back flap. All these features provide a machine which lasts even longer, under the toughest conditions.


At Rolux we have been hard at work, improving and strengthening the Rolux Magnum, in order to bring you a more robust and refined lawnmower.