Designed for precision mowing and a manicured lawn, our robust cylinder mowers are used in domestic, bowling greens, cricket pitches and any application that requires that fine adjustment.


We give you the edge - perfectly trimmed.

When you have to trim edges all day, it doesn’t pay to play around. Our Universal Edge Trimmer can be
fitted with either a steel blade or a nylon head to give you unmatched versatility. The trimming head can
be adjusted to any cutting angle in an instant to allow you to trim straight or curved edges to perfection,
while its ergonomic handle makes it a joy to work with. And to top it all, the dual front wheels allow a
more even spread of weight so it won’t damage your lawn’s finish.

Universal Edge Trimmer
Engine type Electric B&S 375 Loncin
Power output 550 W 3.75 hp - 4 stroke 6 hp – 4-stroke
Blades 23 cm 23 cm 23 cm
Chassis type Steel Steel Steel
Cutting angle 90º 90º 90º
Height adjustmen 10 pos.
80 - 160mm
10 pos.
80 - 160mm
10 pos.
80 - 160mm
Chassis thickness 2 mm 2 mm 2 mm